Thriving on a Family Budget
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Thriving on a family budget is free information session for individuals and couples interested in learning more about creating their financial plan around their family vision and values.

The recent economic crisis will impact the average family on many levels, but it will particularly affect those who live beyond their means. Living on a budget that is
built around your family’s values and vision will help mitigate the impact of economic ups and downs.

Allow your means, values, and vision to define your spending and financial decisions – not the economy. Thriving on a budget is one of the most powerful steps you can take to achieving financial wellness. A budget is the cornerstone to any family financial plan and it also teaches our children about living within one’s means.

Learn new techniques that help you examine your state of affairs, behaviours, mindset and beliefs. Jennifer Deane, a certified professional coach with a background in banking and financial services, can provide you with tools that are simple to use and also offers additional help for those who need extra support in creating a sound financial plan that works for their family whatever your economic situation.

I will arrange to present to 4 or more people that are interested in hearing this 60 minute presentation, please contact me using the form below to set up a time and location that is convenient for you.

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