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Session 1 - January 12
Build Your Development Plan
3-Way Coaching Meetings Jan 24-Feb 4

We will meet virtually to discuss what development planning is and review a sample Development Plan. In between Session 1 and Session 2 you will draft your own Development Plan to share with Lynn and Jennifer in a 3-way meeting sometime in late January or February.

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Session 2 - February 9
Leading Self: Aligning Your Time With Your Priorities

  • Build your awareness of your current patterns and challenges with managing Time

  • Learn how to establish clear Priorities

  • Learn how to track, reflect, and edit how you operate to improve efficiency

  • Create an action plan that aligns how you spend your Time with achieving your Priorities

Click below to access Aligning Your Time with Your Priorities Assessment


Session 3 - March 9
Leading Self: Communicating Clearly & Confidently 

  • Understand your default Communication style 

  • Understand common Communication pitfalls

  • Commit to 2-way Communication to reach mutual understanding and avoid assumptions 

  • Articulate your message Clearly

  • Inspire action with Clear next steps


Session 4 - April 13
Leading People: Developing Others to Build Engagement & Performance 

  • Understand the importance of your role in developing

  • Learn an effective way to give feedback

  • Learn basic coaching skills to support others to become more resourceful, accountable and solutions focused

  • Explore best practices for leading development conversations and helping your direct reports build effective Development Plans


Session 5 - May 4
Leading People: Delegating Collaboratively to Build Commitment & Performance

  • Identify your unique Delegation criteria and map specific tasks that you want to Delegate

  • Understand how to assess an individual’s Commitment and skill before you Delegate a task 

  • Learn the difference between accountability and feedback

  • Learn the difference between managing Performance and supporting career development

  • Learn the 10 steps to effectively Delegate a task


Session 6 - September 14
Leading People: Communicating Effectively When the Stakes are High

  • Learn what conflict is and how it impacts people physiologically

  • Understand the before, during, and after approach to participating in conversations when the Stakes are High

  • Learn techniques to slow the conversation down to achieve mutual understanding and eliminate assumptions

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Session 7 - October 12
Leading Organizations: Collaborating as a Senior Leadership Team to Drive Operational Strategy & Results

  • Explore your role and responsibility as a member of a Senior Leadership Team

  • Learn the 6 skills of strategic thinking

  • Learn how to zoom in and zoom out to practice strategic thinking

  • Set a schedule for the strategic work of your leadership team


Session 8 - November 9
Program Close & Celebrate

  • Celebrate the completion of the 2022 Management Essentials Program

  • Share learnings and update your Development Plan for 2023

  • Complete Program Evaluation within two weeks of program completion (certificates will be sent once you complete evaluation)