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What is a Leaderstamp?

Your Leaderstamp is your unique leadership identity. Crafting a strong Leaderstamp involves connecting your strengths, passions, values, and leadership vision with how you live and lead every day. Wherever you are on this journey the good news is you have 100% control over your Leaderstamp and how you use it to achieve your vision and purpose. Below is a summary of the 3 phases of the process.

If you scored between 0-12

You are in Phase 1

Define your Leaderstamp

You are projecting a Leaderstamp whether you are aware of what it is or not. Having a strong and intentional Leaderstamp means there is congruence between what's important to you and how you are projecting that to the world. Defining your Leaderstamp involves connecting to your definition of leadership, your core values, strengths, areas of weakness, purpose, vision and goals. Through this guided process, you will arrive at a set of five to ten words that will propel you toward your goals. By first getting clear on your current Leaderstamp you will be in a position to refine your leadership identity to truly align with who you are and what you want to achieve.

If you scored between 13-21

You are in Phase 2

Refine your Leaderstamp

Refining your Leaderstamp will ensure that you are focused on representing yourself clearly and intentionally to those you lead and work with. Your refined Leaderstamp becomes your unique leadership compass that will both inspire and help you stay connected to your purpose, vision and goals.

If you scored between 22-27

You are in Phase 3

Phase 3 - Align your Leaderstamp

You have a strong Leaderstamp, ensure you experience the confidence and intention that comes from projecting it clearly everyday. In phase 3, you will identify audiences and areas where you have the biggest opportunity to increase your impact and influence. Develop a clear and measurable action plan for bringing your Leaderstamp into your daily leadership!


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