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Passionate About Coaching Leaders

Central to Jennifer Deane's approach is the idea that we all need to be better listeners and communicators in order to inspire positive change. She believes organizations are training grounds for developing engaged global citizens and stewards of our planet.

Jennifer is a certified professional coach, consultant and facilitator. In 2001 she began a private coaching and training consultancy. Working with individuals and organizations to increase awareness and effectiveness, Jennifer can be relied upon to provide the structure, accountability and guidance necessary for success.

“Organizations are successful when they respond to the changing needs of their key stakeholders, including their human resources,” she says. “At the foundation of all my work is the belief that the most effective way an organization can attract and engage their people is to foster a culture of coaching, development and accountability.”

Coaching and people development have been the theme of Jennifer's work with individuals, teams and organizations for the past 17 years.


For the past 6 years Tara has managed an ESL program supporting newcomers and immigrants in the Sea to Sky Corridor and Sunshine Coast areas. Before that she was a Career Practitioner with CCDP certification (Certified Career Development Practitioner) at WorkBC in Squamish and Whistler. She has a B.A. in Psychology and a Diploma in Management.

Since August 2018, Tara has joined forces with her Executive Coach sister, Jennifer Deane, to bring Leaderstamp to life. 

When Tara isn't working you will find her exploring the backcountry with her partner and daughter.

“My work with Jennifer in 2017 allowed me to reflect on the “why” and “how” I approach day to day tasks within my career, in particular when making challenging decisions in a leadership role. This has allowed me to be more collaborative and strategic when making decisions. Working with Jennifer encouraged me to persue strong leadership roles as my career advanced, which has benefited my growth and acumen.”
– Kieran Kandola

"Organizations are successful when they respond to the changing needs of their key stakeholders including their human resources."


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