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The Crystallize Your Leaderstamp Program will guide you through a step-by-step process to define and harness the power of your leadership identity and inject it into your daily life and work so you can increase your impact, influence and intention!


Crystallize your Leaderstamp is a proven leadership development and coaching program that helps you answer the following questions:

  • What is my vision? 

  • What is my purpose - how do I live it?

  • Who am I at the very core - what is important to me?

  • What is my true value in my role, life, work?

  • How can I be seen how I want to be seen?

  • How can I finally feel more confident?

  • Who and where are the people that will help me grow?

  • What are the daily habits and goals that will keep me on a purposeful path?

Amy Cuddy

Social Psychologist, Author, Speaker


Leadership experts share the benefits of a strong connection to your leadership identity.

Self development leads to an increased confidence to live and lead with purpose.

Kouzes & Posner

Founders & Authors

Crystallize Your Leaderstamp Program Components:

14 One on One Virtual Coaching Sessions

12 Month Access to

Customized Online Portal

Lifetime Access to Online Community & MasterClasses

What do Crystallize Your Leaderstamp Participants say:

I found the process extremely valuable as a guiding roadmap for a period of enormous transition in my life. The LS process invited me to take a deep dive in foundational aspects of who I am as a person, which of course will translate into how I lead--lead my life and lead others. The most enriching aspect of the program was the reflection around my personal values. I found the work around values the most enlightening, as I had never done it before. As well, refreshing my personal vision at this stage in my life, and clarifying my purpose; in addition, the translation of this work into a series of concrete goals for the next 9 months, coupled with the most relevant habits to cultivate in tune with my personal values, vision and purpose, is of immeasurable value. The time spent on thinking through the audiences where I can deploy an intentional approach in being authentic helped bring it all together. 

Chris, Founder Sacred Hoops

The Crystallize Your Leaderstamp Program guides you through the three phases of the Leaderstamp Model. At the end of the program you will:

  1. Define and clearly articulate your vision, purpose, values, strengths and blots (aka areas of opportunity)

  2. Have a strategic roadmap for building and developing key relationships 

  3. Possess a tangible representation of your unique Leaderstamp that will guide and inspire you everyday!, 

  4. Create a clear and measurable 6-12 month Leaderstamp action plan to support you in evolving and strengthening how you are perceived by yourself and others!

Program Coach

Jennifer is a certified professional coach, consultant and facilitator. In 2001 she began a private coaching and training consultancy. Working with individuals and organizations to increase awareness and effectiveness, Jennifer can be relied upon to provide the structure, accountability and guidance necessary for success. 

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Package includes:

14 One on One Virtual Coaching Sessions (2 sessions at 3 and 6 months post program)

12 Month Access to Customized Online Portal


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