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Get conscious of what impression you are leaving so you can be experienced as you intend!

BLOT: Part of yourself that you are projecting to the world (that is not necessarily a negative attribute) that you want to evolve or elevate. Can be conscious or unconscious! ‘aka’ area of opportunity.

My BLOT Story:

My whole life, in every formal and informal assessment I’ve ever done, when a person (a leader, direct report, a friend, or family member) was asked, "What is one word that would describe Jennifer?" They all answered, "Jennifer is organized."

"Organized" is not such a bad word and these people were sharing it because they felt it was a strength. However, when I look at my vision and purpose - what I'm trying to achieve in the world - organized just isn't the strength that is going to get me there! It's just not big or strong enough.

Organized is my BLOT.

So, what did I do with this incredible insight? First I asked myself, "If not organized, then what word did I want people to use to describe me?"

Upon reflection, I decided that for me to achieve my vision and purpose, I needed to be described, not as organized, but as visionary. As an expert, as someone who is passionate and has a vision for people and how they can thrive in this world. Now that I knew what I wanted to shift I started to ask, "How can I evolve this perception of myself? How can I inspire people to move from thinking I'm organized to describing me as visionary?"

I knew that "nothing would change unless something changed...." so I brainstormed using STOP, START, and CONTINUE and came up with 3 ideas to shift my behaviours to help me shift perspective.

Here is where I started...

The very first thing I did was STOP bringing a pen to all my meetings. It shocked people at first because of course, Jennifer, “the organized” could always be counted on to take notes and follow up actions.

Next, I STARTED to look at every email that I sent through the lens of, 'Is this is putting me in the camp of a doer or a visionary?" I would look at the language I used and how I structured the email. I would look at my call to action, my message and I would ask myself the critical question, “How will this email help shape the perception of me being a visionary?”

Finally, I STARTED preparing differently for meetings. I STOPPED brainstorming the how, the process, the details, and I STARTED brainstorming the why. Why did I feel this topic or process was important, what would it do for us, what would it do to help us achieve our vision? That is what I began to communicate in all my meetings - not the HOW but the WHY.

All this work has started to pay off as people are beginning to describe me less as “organized” and more as “visionary”.

The reason why I chose the word BLOT to describe this part of myself is because projecting myself as organized leaves a weaker impression than projecting myself as visionary - kind of like if you received a letter with an ink BLOT on the page.

Leaving an "organized BLOT" at times was outweighing the key message and impression that I wanted to leave. By being intentional with the impression I want to leave, I have an increased opportunity to inspire people!

There will always be a risk that I BLOT my impression with too much emphasis on being organized, however, by having my LEADERSTAMP clear and defined, I am motivated to consciously project myself as visionary. I am now consciously STAMPING and not BLOTTING!

What is your BLOT? What impression would you rather leave? What can you START and STOP to help you shift perceptions? Need help exploring? Sign up for a complimentary clarity session today!


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