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Cultivating Your Own Kind Of Confidence Part 2: Why It’s Important For Your Career Success

This is part two of our three-part blog series on cultivating your own kind of confidence. Learn everything you need to know about the importance of confidence and how to incorporate it into your life.

In part one, we focused on what confidence is and what it looks like in action.

Today’s topic explores the importance and effect of confidence in your career and how cultivating confidence can support your long-term success.

Confidence is a necessary ingredient for career success. Without confidence, it would be difficult to step out of your comfort zone and take the risks needed to achieve success in your career. Confidence is not one size fits all - you get to determine what you want your unique confidence to look and feel like.

Confidence itself is not a personality trait; however, some of the top traits and skills employers look for include professionalism, leadership, communication skills, and resilience - all byproducts of confidence. If you’re interested in achieving more in your career, whether that’s receiving a promotion, finding a new position, or starting your own business, confidence will play a large role in your success.

Let’s take a look at four reasons why being confident is so important in the workplace:

  1. Productivity - Confidence can lead to increased levels of productivity at work. Confident people tend to be self-aware of their abilities and skills and have a positive mindset that allows them to pursue challenging tasks.

  2. Trust - Confidence can embolden people to be transparent and vulnerable with others - traits that often build trust.

  3. Communication - Confident people believe in their communication abilities. While they may still feel nervous at times, they will take the necessary risk to speak up and share their ideas because they know we need to hear their ideas and opinions.

  4. Promotability - Confident people send signals to others that they have the skills and motivation to effectively perform their current role and may be ready for the next challenge.

Now that you understand why confidence is important for your career, here are five ways you can build confidence at work:

  1. Attend Professional Development Training - Taking classes or attending seminars to develop your skills can improve the way you perform at work, and can increase your confidence.

  2. Try New Things - Volunteering to take on new projects that require you to step out of your comfort zone will not only help you gain new skills but will also help improve your confidence.

  3. Represent Yourself Professionally - take time to develop your authentic professional image. Other people can sense when you are intentional and comfortable with how you show up and present yourself.

  4. Be Involved with Your Performance Evaluations - It can be helpful to ask for direct feedback on your strengths and weaknesses during performance evaluations. This gives you the opportunity to determine the specific areas you would like to work on.

  5. Ask Questions - Be open to expanding your knowledge. Asking questions shows that you’re open to learning and improving, as well as ensuring you perform your work correctly.

Reflect on the list above and determine ideas you want to incorporate more into your daily behaviour. This will help build your confidence at work and position you for career success.

In the next blog, we will complete our three-part series with one game-changing habit to boost your confidence.

Want some outside perspective on how you can cultivate your own kind of confidence? Book a complimentary coaching session today!


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