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What every new leader needs to know to lead themselves, their teams, and the organization effectively. A leader’s role can be challenging at the best of times and especially today as we emerge from the pandemic - one of the most disruptive experiences in our lifetimes. Leading in today’s context involves much more than delivering results, managing budgets, meeting clients' expectations, and leading diverse and multidisciplinary teams (although we need leaders to take care of those tasks too). It’s common to hire existing employees or new managers into their leadership roles without prior experience or training on how to make that shift from being an individual contributor to a leader. What if you could equip these new leaders with the essential knowledge and skills they need to be successful with proven strategies, just in time, that gets results? 

We provide the training, support, and structure to help new managers step into their new roles more successfully they also experience higher rates of retention.

Our highly customizable training programs are designed to provide your new managers with the foundational skills to effectively lead themselves, lead their teams and lead the organization.

Learn how your organization can experience higher rates of retention by providing the training, structure, and support to help your new managers achieve success in their new roles. 



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Leaderstamp is a foundational self-leadership development program designed to fill your organizational pipeline with confident, effective leaders who are positioned and prepared to rise and lead. A Leaderstamp is a tangible representation of a leader’s values, strengths, vision, and goals. The program is designed to help leaders define a clear leadership identity that enables them to inspire and lead themselves and others to create results.

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Management Essentials is a highly customizable interactive program that is built specifically for what your new leaders need. We work with you to select 8, 12, or 16 hours of training from the menu of topics below. Typically the program is delivered every two weeks in 2-hour virtual learning sessions. 


Find everything you need for each session. 

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Leading Self

Self-Leadership is a foundational component of any new manager training and development program. Today's hybrid work environments require leaders who are self-aware and can effectively set priorities, take initiative, communicate effectively and solve problems.

Modules Include:

  1. Identifying Your Leadership Identity

  2. Building Your Development Plan

  3. Setting Effective Habits & Goals

  4. Aligning Your Time With Your Priorities

  5. Building Your Resilience for a Fulfilling Personal & Professional Life

  6. Communicating Clearly & Confidently 

  7. Managing Your Career

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Leading People

Moving from an individual contributor to a manager is an undeniably large shift. New managers need to redefine existing relationships, build new ones all while learning leadership and management skills. A whole new set of skills is required for new managers to successfully navigate their new context.  

Modules Include:

  1. Onboarding to Build Connection, Engagement & Performance

  2. Delegating Collaboratively to Build Commitment & Performance

  3. Developing Others to Build Engagement & Performance 

  4. Communicating Effectively When the Stakes are High

  5. Leading Meetings to Engage Others, Build Team & Produce Results

  6. Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships & Networks


Leading Organizations

Leaders not only must develop self and people leadership skills, they also need to influence their organizations, their industry, and their employees. A well-rounded new manager training program will help prepare leaders to think beyond their everyday teams and begin to develop skills that will enable them to lead the organization.

Modules Include:

  1. Collaborating as a Senior Leadership Team to drive Operational Strategy & Results

  2. Leading Change Confidently to Inspire Commitment & Action from Others 

  3. Planning & Thinking Strategically to Shape the Organization's Future Growth & Success

Learn how your organization can experience higher rates of retention by providing the training, structure, and support to help your new managers achieve success in their new roles. 

Ready to learn more about how we can support your organization to develop and retain your new managers?

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Leaderstamp was a life-changing experience for me. Given my current place in my career, it allowed me to reflect on what I was currently doing and what I wanted to do better. Developing my Leaderstamp has given me an everyday reminder of what my true purpose is, and how it is going to impact others around me.

Tee Komsa, Founder

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