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Jennifer Deane is the Principal of Jennifer Deane Coaching. She completed her BA in Sociology from Western University in 1997, achieved the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach designation from The Coaches Training Institute in 2002, and earned the Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation in 2016.


Jennifer is certified in the EQ in Action profile and an expert in helping leaders assess and develop their emotional intelligence. She specializes in coaching leaders to inspire others with their ability to listen and communicate with confidence, clarity, and conviction. She works with her clients to develop the visionary and strategic thinking that empowers them to lead with purpose and integrity.


Jennifer brings passion and energy to every exchange and truly partners with her clients to achieve their personal and professional goals. Jennifer’s clients are peppered around our planet actively making a difference in their homes, organizations, and communities while living and leading with passion, clarity, and purpose. Jennifer is committed to helping organizations accelerate gender balanced leadership with the ultimate goal of achieving global gender equality.


Jennifer lives, works, and plays in North Vancouver, Canada with her husband, two daughters, and her family dog.

Photo of Jennifer Deane, a certified leadership coach who helps aspiring professionals advance into executive positions in their respective careers.




We excel at creating genuine connections with our clients.


Through this connection, we're able to identify problems and personally relate to our clients, which builds a strong, foundational relationship.


This connection with our clients allows for real conversations to take place.



We lead our clients to achieve a better-balanced life in all that they do, from personal to professional, and everything in between.


To do so, our clients adopt our structured methodology, which balances the pressures of life achievements and fulfillments by creating a structured path of measurable goals. Our work contributes to closing the gender balance gap in the workforce.



Simply put, we want to see our clients THRIVE.


We care deeply about their development, their progress, and their happiness.


It's our goal to see our clients confidently living with purpose and increasing their visibility and influence in their careers.

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I was very happy with undertaking this process with Jennifer to do some specific review of the progress in my career and exploring what factors were impeding my progress. I felt that I received some really good, concrete steps to work through some career challenges related to my personal goals and my goals related to my role within my organization.

P.C., Senior Evaluation Specialist

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