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Executive Leadership Coaching for Corporations

What’s in it for your Organization? (ROI and more)

There are now hundreds of independent studies and 5 reputable global studies that demonstrate the return on investment of Executive Leadership Coaching ranges anywhere from 100%-788%.

In 2008, The ICF (International Coach Federation) commissioned independent research firms PricewaterhouseCoopers and Association Resource Centre Inc. to jointly conduct a groundbreaking study which provides comprehensive information about coaching clients, their decision-making process, and their opinions about professional coaching.

“This study shows 86 percent of companies that use or have used coaching report at least a 100 percent return on their initial investment, as well as a significant impact in other client goal areas.” Final Report of ICF Global Coaching Client Study.

The research on hard dollars invested and what they return is widely available. Instead of rehashing this, I am going to expand on what I believe to be additional considerations for organizations looking at whether to add Executive Leadership Coaching to their suite of leadership and executive development offerings.

Here is my Top 10 list of "What’s In It" for your Organization (beyond a demonstrated ROI):

  • Leaders who are more intentional and fulfilled

  • Leaders who are more self aware and model a growth mindset

  • Leaders who are confronting their living and working habits to model a sustainable life

  • Leaders who are learning how to create psychologically safe and productive teams

  • Leaders who communicate more effectively

  • Leaders who are more strategic

  • Leaders who are more accountable

  • Leaders who are skilled at developing relationships

  • Leaders who listen better and reach clarity faster

  • Leaders who are more agile and who can pivot more quickly with organizational and contextual shifts

A good Executive Leadership Coach will work with your leaders to create the results listed above. An exceptional Executive Leadership Coach will align with your vision and augment the results you are looking to create with your leadership and executive development programs.

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