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How To Mobilize Action When You Communicate

Has anyone ever actually met this clever person that gets called upon in our emails and meetings named “Let’s”?

“Let’s organize another meeting” and “Let’s plan that launch”.

All I know is that “Let’s” lets me down often because “Let’s” never seems to come through with getting things done. Today we are sharing some ideas about what to do after each communication exchange to ensure next steps are clear and action is taken.

In case you missed it, this is part three of our three-part blog series aimed at helping you inspire others to act when you communicate.

In September’s blog, we explored what to do before each communication opportunity to prepare and in October's blog, we learned how to truly partner with others to achieve clarity during any exchange.

At the heart of this approach to communication is my belief that leaders inspire people to take action by what and how they communicate.

When you take time to prepare for your communications you ensure that what you are communicating is relevant and applicable to the audience. When you are in the act of communicating - whether it be live, recorded, or written, how you deliver your message impacts whether your audience takes action or not.

The three factors that mobilize people to act in any communication exchange are:

  1. Concrete next steps - People need to know what the clear next steps are before they can take action.

  2. Ownership and timeline for each action - Don’t leave it up to “Let’s”. Clearly assign people to actions and set clear timelines for every task.

  3. Follow up to ensure accountability - It doesn’t matter what system you and your teams use to track projects and tasks - it only matters that you have one. Accountability is contagious and so is lack of accountability.

The more detailed “How to Mobilize Action Resource” outlines specific behaviours you can take to ensure all of the factors are present in your communication exchanges.

We hope you have enjoyed this three-part blog series on the “before, during and after strategy” to help you make the most of your important leadership communication opportunities.

Please book a complimentary coaching session for some extra support to put this strategy into action.


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