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Stop Micromanaging Your Leadership Identity!

Think back to the last encounter you had with a person or a group of people - likely for many of you working in organizations it was sometime today!

At that encounter, you communicated and behaved in a way that left people present with a micro impression of you. Each one of those micro impressions adds up to form your Leaderstamp 'aka' your leadership identity.

In every encounter, you have the ability to shape your Leaderstamp and inspire others.

Sounds easy enough right? Just pay attention in every moment to everything I say and do so that I am being seen and experienced as the best version of myself at all times…..that sounds like an exhausting approach to each day.

Well, I have some good news for you: by managing your Leaderstamp at the macro level, you eliminate the need to micromanage your identity.

Your Leaderstamp has 4 static (vision, purpose, values, strengths/blots) and 4 fluid elements (people, platforms, habits, goals) that blend together to create a blueprint for leading yourself and others.

Even more cool is the fact that you can define these elements and literally walk around with a level of clarity and self-awareness akin to a superpower. Imagine having this superpower to guide your thoughts, actions, and encounters on a daily basis? Consider how your Leaderstamp - this blueprint for your leadership - would support you to achieve personal and professional success.

If you weren’t already salivating at the chance to finally feel laser-focused about who you are, what is important to you, and how you want to make an impact on this world, let me whet your appetite a wee bit more….

Not only does defining your Leaderstamp help you feel on purpose and on track, but it also gives others the impression that you in fact have your s*%t together! Yes, a certain kind of magic happens when you define your Leaderstamp - your clarity translates into a strong confidence that others feel when they are around you. This macro impression allows you to stop micro-managing your leadership identity and frees you up to have even more impact and get even more results.

So, while it may take an initial investment of time to define your Leaderstamp and a regular check-in to update the fluid elements, essentially, that is all you will ever need to do to ensure you are being seen and experienced as you intend.

Want a real shortcut to defining your Leaderstamp? Connect for a complimentary session today!


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