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Unleash Your Career Superpower

With the help of an Executive Leadership Coach!

Imagine you had a career superpower that instantly inspired and connected you to your values, strengths, leadership vision, and purpose.

Imagine the impact you could make with such rapid access to your Leaderstamp - aka your leadership identity - a set of words that represents everything that you are and aspire to be as a leader.

Imagine how these words would activate you to project your most intentional and confident you at any given moment.

Imagine having access to this superpower every single day.

Here is how you can unleash your career superpower and how an Executive Leadership Coach will support you in the process.

Stage 1: Define your Leaderstamp

Defining your Leaderstamp involves connecting to your definition of leadership, your values, strengths, leadership vision, and purpose to land on your current leadership identity – your Leaderstamp. To ensure that you uncover potential blind spots you will also consult with your audiences (people whom you lead and work with) and ask them to share their perspectives with you.

Ultimately, with your coach guiding you through this process, you will arrive at a set of 5-10 words that are the ingredients to the “you” cocktail. You are projecting this to the world every day whether you are intentional about this or not. By getting clear on your current Leaderstamp you empower yourself to evolve your leadership identity to truly align with who you are and what you want to achieve through your leadership.

Stage 2: Refine your Leaderstamp

Refining your Leaderstamp will ensure that you are focused on representing yourself clearly and intentionally to those you lead and work with. Your refined Leaderstamp becomes your unique leadership compass and you can use it daily to inspire you and ensure you stay conscious of how you are leading.

The process of refining your Leaderstamp requires collaboration and a little magic! It is best done with the support of your Executive Leadership Coach to ensure you land on a set of words that clearly guide you in your everyday leadership.

Stage 3 – Align your Leaderstamp

In the aligning stage, you will first identify audiences and areas where you have the biggest opportunity to begin intentionally projecting the new version of your Leaderstamp. You will develop, with the support of your coach, a clear and measurable action plan for bringing your Leaderstamp into your daily leadership. Your coach will support you in the alignment process as you shed old habits and form new pathways to more effective behaviours.

When you begin to lead with a strong connection to your leadership identity you experience a strong sense of pride and inner knowing that translates to the outside world as confidence. You will also feel better equipped to make better decisions and achieve your vision, purpose, and desired impact.

Through this process, you and your executive leadership coach together will unleash your career superpower!


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