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Wake Up And Cape Up!

3 ideas to help give your Leaderstamp Superpower a Boost!

I am feeling a little low on vitality so today I tried something new.

Instead of my regular morning routine, I decided to jump out of bed, put on my cape, and start writing. Yes, you read that right. Instead of my warm and cozy housecoat, I decided to sport my superhero cape. I needed a symbol to remind me of the great work I am up to and the cape represented that for me.

Sometimes for whatever reason, we just need to give ourselves a boost - If you are looking to shake it up a bit to inspire yourself, here are 3 simple ideas you can try today:

Idea # 1:

Find a symbol that represents how you feel when you are most vibrant and alive, for me it's my red cape! I know some of you work in a public space and a cape may be way over the top. For you, it might be a special ring, bracelet, or rock, or a picture your amazing 5 year old drew you. Make sure that you feel a little tingle in your stomach when you hold it and think about what it represents. This talisman can be a symbol and a motivator. Place it in a visible spot for a day or two. See how it supports you to feel positive and confident and inspired. This will work for some and not for others so don’t get too attached - if this idea doesn’t fit with you, read the next one!

Idea # 2:

Give your confidence a boost by reflecting on some questions that will remind you of your bigger game. Grab a notebook and a pen and finish these 3 sentences:

  • “The world is a better place because I….”

  • “I absolutely rock at…”

  • “I feel most purposeful and powerful when…"

Idea # 3:

Move more! Set a goal for today or the rest of the week to move more than usual. One of the ways we can shift our energy and perspective is to literally shake it up by bringing movement into our moment.

I offer you these 3 ideas as a booster shot to your relatively purposeful life. If you want an even bigger shortcut to unleashing your Leaderstamp superpower check out my new 1:1 coaching program.

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