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Jennifer Deane isrtif an executive leadership coach and founder of Jennifer Deane Coaching




We help people & teams

live & lead with purpose.

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Meet Jennifer Deane

Jennifer Deane is a Professional Certified Coach, Consultant and Facilitator. She has over 20 years of experience bringing out the best in leaders and teams through coaching and targeted training and development.

What We Do

We provide 1:1 and group development solutions for public and private sector organizations that help leaders and teams learn, grow and advance their careers.


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Leadership Coaching

Our 1:1 Coaching Programs empower our clients with a clear structure and set of tools designed to help them move progressively toward stronger self-awareness, leadership effectiveness, goal achievement, and, ultimately, an increased sense of purpose and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

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Women's Leadership Development

Having more top women talent represented at all levels of business is key to the success of our economy. 

Our 1:1 coaching and group training solutions to support individuals and organizations to increase their promotability literacy, build better employee-direct leader relationships, and accelerate the advancement of women to leadership positions.

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New Manager Training

We provide the training, support, and structure to help new managers step into their new roles more successfully they also experience higher rates of retention.

Our highly customizable training programs are designed to provide your new managers with the foundational skills to effectively lead themselves, lead their teams and lead the organization.

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I was very happy with undertaking this process with Jennifer to do some specific review of the progress in my career and exploring what factors were impeding my progress. I felt that I received some really good, concrete steps to work through some career challenges related to my personal goals and my goals related to my role within my organization.

P.C., Senior Evaluation Specialist

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