Managing People & Teams is a foundational leadership training program that equips new managers with essential tools to manage employees and teams effectively. The curriculum focuses on helping participants make the shift from being an individual contributor to a leader and learn essential skills to support their long-term success. All aspects of this interactive series are aimed at helping leaders build essential management and people leadership skills. 


This hybrid program spans over 6 weeks and consists of:

  • 1 in-person full-day session

  • 5 x 75-minute virtually facilitated learning sessions

  • 4 x 40-minute virtual small group learning pod meetings - 2 facilitated

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In-Person Full-Day Session

Topics Covered Include:

  • Building Your Leadership Identity – Knowing Your Strengths & Areas of Development 

  • Setting Expectations Clearly With New & Existing Employees

  • Delegating Collaboratively to Build Your Team’s Skills & Do the Right Work

  • Developing Others & Empowering Performance through Clarity, Feedback & Accountability Conversations


Learning Pod Small Group Virtual Meetings

Participants will integrate what they are learning by participating in content and practice exercises focused on building core leadership skills. Learning Pods 1 & 3 are facilitated and Pods 2 & 4 are self led.


Virtual Session 1
Aligning Your Time With Your Priorities & Leading Effective Meetings

  • Build your awareness of your current patterns and challenges with managing Time

  • Learn how to establish clear Priorities

  • Understand all the types of Meetings/interactions that Teams need to participate in for maximum effectiveness

  • Learn how to collaborate with your Team to establish effective Meeting Norms


Virtual Session 2
Communicating Clearly & Navigating Conflict

  • Communicating Clearly & Confidently – How to Prepare, Connect & Follow up Effectively to Inspire Others

  • Navigating Difficult Conversations to Build Your Self Awareness and Collaborate Effectively With Others Even in Conflict


Virtual Session 3
Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships & Networks

  • Audit your internal and external Network to identify opportunities to improve them

  • Understand how to identify what stage your Relationships are in and what to do to build Relationships in each stage

  • Build a Relationship strategy that is aligned with your goals


Virtual Session 4
Leading Change Confidently to Inspire Commitment & Action from Others

  • Explore your role as a Change Leader

  • Understand how Change impacts people differently and understand how to complete a stakeholder analysis to assess how the Change will impact others

  • Learn how to effectively communicate during Change


Virtual Session 5
Thinking Strategically to Shape the Organization's Future Growth & Success & Program Close 

  • Practice Strategic Thinking hygiene

  • Learn when to zoom in and zoom out to effectively solve issues

  • Learn 6 essential skills of Strategic Leadership