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We design and deliver 1:1 and group programs to help leaders establish strong leadership foundations, effectively develop others, lead high performing teams and build equitable, diverse and inclusive cultures.


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Jennifer will go the extra mile to see her clients succeed and achieve their goals. Clients become experts at setting measurable goals by implementing structure and balance. By meeting their "big goals" with the help of Jennifer, clients begin to feel fulfilled because they are successful, energetic and confident members of their families, communities and workplaces.

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I was very happy with undertaking this process with Jennifer to do some specific review of the progress in my career and exploring what factors were impeding my progress. I felt that I received some really good, concrete steps to work through some career challenges related to my personal goals and my goals related to my role within my organization.

P.C., Senior Evaluation Specialist

Tides Canada Foundation


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PACE helps leaders increase their overall promotability and fast-track their career progression. Through this coaching experience, the participant and their direct leader will learn how to master the Promotability Framework, including:

  • Participation in the Promotability Assessment to bring clarity and alignment to an individual's current position for promotion.

  • Education and coaching on the 10 Primers and 5 Competencies that lead to promotion.

  • Completion of a Promotability Plan that includes a long-term career vision and tangible actions that will result in career advancement.


Delivered with maximum flexibility, this coaching and educational experience is a combination of ‘just in time content’ and live coaching sessions scheduled at the convenience of the participant and their direct leader.

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PromoteHer helps organizations accelerate gender balanced leadership by increasing the overall promotability of emerging to mid-level leaders who identify as female.

Our key offering is a live, virtually delivered 90-Day program featuring assessment, education, and a culture project. Unique to PromoteHer is our focus on improving the extent to which a participant and her direct leader are aligned on her readiness for promotion.


Through participation in this program, individuals will increase their confidence, build internal/external networks, improve communication & presentation skills, learn work-life integration skills, and gain awareness of strengths & challenges. Organizations will increase gender diversity in their talent pipeline, improve their career advancement process, increase employee-direct leader alignment, increase dialogue about gender balance, and improve their employer brand.

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In PromoteHer, Lisa and Jennifer have used research to design a program targeted at addressing one of the primary barriers to increasing female representation at senior levels in technology organizations, the fact that women are not being promoted at a rate equal to that of their male counterparts. 


Not only do our participants get to explore how to enhance their promotability competencies, but the program also closely involves the leader/sponsor in the learning journey, to ensure together they are setting a plan for career advancement. This is a very valuable program and I highly recommend it.

Victoria Brydon, VP of Human Resources



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The Leaderstamp program is a foundational leadership development program focussing on self-leadership. A Leaderstamp aka ‘leadership identity’ is a tangible representation of an individual's values, strengths, goals, and leadership vision.

The program is delivered to cohorts from the same organization over an 8-week period and consists of live facilitated virtual sessions, accountability trios, a 1:3 coaching session, a presentation to the participant's direct leader, and weekly assignments. All aspects of the program are targeted to help participants define a clear leadership identity enabling them to inspire and effectively lead themselves and their teams.

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Leaderstamp was a life-changing experience for me. Given my current place in my career, it allowed me to reflect on what I was currently doing and what I wanted to do better. Developing my Leaderstamp has given me an everyday reminder of what my true purpose is, and how it is going to impact others around me.

Tee Komsa, Founder

The Letter Tee

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