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Are You Leading Your Feed?

What is a feed? Well, I’m not talking about your social media feed. I’m talking about how you are managing your everyday interactions to ensure you are inspiring people with your vision, priorities, progress, and outcomes.

Your feed is essentially what you intentionally choose to share with others about your leadership successes and challenges.

Each of your everyday interactions are opportunities to inspire others with your leadership story. The more connected you are with your Leaderstamp ‘aka’ leadership identity, the clearer you will be on what you want to convey to others in your feed.

Here’s the deal - you have a feed right now whether you are conscious of it or not - why not be conscious so you can share your story in a powerful and intentional way?

Leading your feed is an ongoing process consisting of four steps.

Use our “Lead Your Feed” resource to help you brainstorm:

  1. Audit your current feed - tune into your ‘go to’ topics - what default topics do you rely on when you open and close interactions with others? Notice other people’s feeds - identify a few people who inspire you with their feeds.

  2. Brainstorm potential topics for your inspirational feed. What projects and goals are you excited about? What do you need help with accomplishing?

  3. Prepare to share in your feed - pick three topics and flush out the important elements to communicate.

  4. Refresh your feed - don’t let your feed get stuck in a loop. Revisit your feed topics every month or quarter to refresh your leadership story and keep your audiences inspired.

Your feed is an outbound strategy for inspiring others. You control it every day and have the opportunity to hone it to help you achieve your goals. Book 30 minutes with yourself this week to start the process of leading your feed.

While you need to focus on this, you also need to consider your inbound strategy. How you are developing relationships and listening to what is important to your stakeholders. I look forward to exploring this topic with you next month.


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